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Plenum Only Series — High Profile Molded Fiberglass Back

Plenum Only Series — High Profile Molded Fiberglass Back


Submittal Data — R4 (42 KB, PDF)
Submittal Data — R6 (45 KB, PDF)
  • These fiberglass backs are sold seperately for field installation. (Glue or double sided tape recommended)
  • Available in R4.2, R6 or R8
  • High profile recommended for T-bar diffusers without steel back panel
  • Accepts 6"-14" unique tab collars (800TC series) or 6"-18" unique snap in collar (805-RC & 805PP series)
  • Accepts standard spin-in collar
  • Bonded foil vapor barrier minimizes condensation
  • Deep plenum cavity improves performance
  • Fiberglass back meets or exceeds the following tests and ratings:
  • Meets 25/50 tested in accordance with A.S.T.M. E84 (UL7230 UL181 Erosion and Impact Test, and will not support microbial growth
  • Attachment of molded fiberglass back and 805RC collar requires 805PP Push Pins. Pins are to be pushed through underside of insulation into collar.
Plenum Only R4.2Insulation
Plenum Only R6Insulation
Plenum Only R8Insulation