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ELF/ELS — Linear Diffusers

How to Specify

How To Specify ELF and ELS

ELF/ELS — Linear Diffusers

  • Ceiling, sidewall, sill or floor applications
  • Available in 0, 15, or 30 °s and pencil proof bar deflections
  • Four mounting styles-standard, hanger bracket, mounting frame and screw holes in margin
  • Maximum one-piece length 72", width 24" (1/2" width increments)
  • Lengths over 72" made in multiple units with keyway splices to form even continuous lengths
  • Bright White or Satin Anodized finish
ELFExtruded AlumFloor/Sill
ELS Extruded Alum Ceiling/Sidewall

Minimum width: 2"

Note: Floor application must be ordered as "ELF."  Eight-inch maximum width for constant traffic; 12" maximum width for occasional traffic; maximum length 72".

Bar Styles

EFL ELS Linear Diffusers

Bars on 1/2 centers

Note: Quantity of bars = (2 x listed width) - 2. 
Example: 4" listed with = 6 bars = (4 x 2) - 2


  1. Mitered Corners
  2. Single-Leaf Damper
  3. Grid
  4. OBD Damper

ELF ELS Mitered Corner

Mitered Corners

  • 90-degree mitered corners are available as factory-fabricated section. Precise factory cutting and assembly reduces field fabrication time and assures proper fit. Corner sections are furnished and blanked off. Corner sections butt to adjacent straight sections, which are spliced together with aligning keys.
  • Mitered corners are furnished in style #4 (with pattern controller and damper). When viewed from the room side, the mitered corner section appears identical to the butting straight sections.
  • Plaster frame mitered corners can be specified with the outlet mitered corner.

NOTE: DRAWING REQUIRED when ordering linear or slot diffusers with mitered corners.

ELF ELS-Single Leaf Damper

  • Leaf type for sizes 1-1/2" to 3"
  • Order with desired diffuser for attachment at factory.
  • Cannot be used with hanger brackets.
ESF/ELFExtruded AlumSingle Leaf

ELF ELS Grid Option

  • Individually-adjustable blades
  • Cannot be used with hanger brackets
ELF/ELSExtruded Alum

OBD Damper Option

  • Controls the air volume from full flow to shut-off
  • Fits widths of 3-1/2" and wider
  • Order with desired diffuser for attachment at factory
  • Must be ordered separately and duct-mounted if mounting style #1 is used
ELF/ELSExtruded AlumOBD