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A2200 — Renovator Series Diffuser

A2200 — Renovator Series Diffuser


Submittal Data (59 KB, PDF)
  • Unique deflector apertures
  • Air distributed in thin layers along ceiling surface allowing optimum  mixing of conditioned air
  • Formed galvanized steel back panel
  • Frame includes four seismic safety connections
  • Back plate covered with glass fiber insulation to reduce condensation
  • Aluminum foil vapor barrier protects insulation from harmful effects of condensation
  • Insulation prescored to accommodate collar size desired
  • Accepts snap-in collar (805RC Series) (6" to 12")
  • 14" collar is factory-installed
  • Utilizes butterfly damper (800DO Series) inserted in collar
  • Damper adjusted through diffuser face to allow proper air balancing
  • Bright White finish

A2200 Little Submittal

ModelMaterialDamperAir Pattern
A2201AluminumNone1 Way
A2202 AluminumNone2 Way
A2203 AluminumNone3 Way
A2204 AluminumNone4 Way
A2205AluminumNone2-Way Corner