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1300FP Series — Plate Diffuser

1300FP Series — Plate Diffuser


Submittal Data (56 KB, PDF)
Engineering Data (17 KB, PDF)
  • Fits 24" x 24" T-Bar Grid
  • 1300FP, 1300FP INS, 1300FP INSL R6 - Fixed 2" collars attached
  • 1300FP INS - R4.2 molded insulation back
  • 1300UFP R6, 1300FP INSL R6 - R6 molded insulation back
  • 1300UFP R6 use spin-in or tab collar for duct connection
  • Bright White finish

1300FP and 1300FP-12 Little Submittal

1300FP INSSteelnone
1300FP INSL R6Steelnone
1300UFP R6Steelnone